COVID-19 leak: A timeline of the saga, according to National leader Todd Muller

Hamish Walker looks to be on borrowed time as a National MP after it was revealed he leaked details of New Zealand's COVID-19 patients, with the party leader saying he has no confidence in him.

National leader Todd Muller says Walker's actions were "completely unacceptable". The Clutha-Southland MP outed himself on Tuesday as the person who leaked information about New Zealand's active COVID-19 cases to three media outlets.

Muller said he was provided information about Walker's involvement on Monday.

So what happened from there? Here's Muller's recount of how the saga unfolded.

Monday - Muller finds out Walker's involvement

"I found out Monday lunchtime," Muller told The AM Show. "Within a couple of hours the Prime Minister had announced there would be an inquiry."

Walker is confronted

"I made it very clear that I had an expectation that Hamish would make that information [about the leak] available to the inquiry," Muller said.

Muller seeks legal advice

"I received legal representation, which of course put me in a position, bluntly, of having to check my own legal position before I made it very clear that that information needed to become public," said Muller.

"On top of that I made it very clear, from my perspective, that his approach is completely unacceptable."

National MP Hamish Walker, left, and leader Todd Muller.
National MP Hamish Walker, left, and leader Todd Muller. Photo credit: File/The AM Show

Tuesday - Walker outs himself, is demoted

"I've stripped him of his portfolios," Muller told host Duncan Garner.

Muller writes to The National Party board

The Opposition leader said he wrote to the board on Tuesday night outlining his concerns about Walker's actions.

"They're meeting today [Wednesday]," Muller said.

Wednesday - Muller says he's lost confidence in Walker

"In terms of judgement, he's left himself seriously wanting and in that context, I don't," said Muller, when asked by Garner if he still had confidence in him.