Duncan Garner: Falloon scandal is a shameful episode of an MP trying to cover up the truth

Warning: This article discusses suicide.

OPINION: Boy, could Judith Collins have been any stronger in her condemnation of alleged sex-text, disgraced former MP Andrew Falloon?

It's taken just 24 hours to completely deconstruct Falloon's fantasy, his story - and Collins says it's very obvious he lied to her. 

As a lawyer, Collins has been careful and deliberate in accusing him of lying. Rarely do MPs go there.

Falloon's story doesn't stack up. It was a deliberate and shameful attempt to mislead and hide the embarrassing, sordid and inconvenient truth - that he sent grubby pics to not one young woman but maybe four, five, or even more.

In my experience of Parliamentary scandal over 20 years, MPs under pressure usually always take the default position of lying. But Falloon takes the cake.

In the process, it's left the egg all over his face. What initially started out as a man barely coping with the tragic suicides of his friends over the past 20 years, turned out to be a shameful episode of an MP with dirt on his mind.

And Falloon is a repeat offender - allegedly. Once he emerges from the care of a crisis assessment team, Falloon may face the full force of a law, which frowns upon such correspondence.

It's never the crime, it's the cover-up except in this case, it's both. This includes Falloon using the suicides of friends to muddy the waters. 

Mental health is serious and suicide is the most senstitive subject of all. He may indeed have issues and I hope he's getting the right care, but hiding his antics behind the tragic deaths of his friends I believe is truly shameful.

Duncan Garner is host of The AM Show

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