Duncan Garner, Gerry Brownlee butt heads over National's policy announcements

National's deputy leader Gerry Brownlee has staunchly defended his party against accusations they don't have any policies.

In an interview on The AM Show on Thursday, host Duncan Garner claimed he could "barely name" a recent policy from either side of Parliament.

"I want to know what these parties are offering for the next three years," he told Brownlee, who was less than impressed, asking Garner which rock he had been under. 

"I want to ask where have you been? Because we have been releasing policy for quite some time. I don't have time to give you a full list now, but we've got more coming obviously."

Garner wasn't convinced and asked Brownlee for a rundown on what policies the party released the previous week. 

"Last week we announced the plan for the recovery of the economy," replied Brownlee. "It's a very simple straightforward policy - it has five points and under each of those will be a myriad of policies.

Garner cut him off. 

"No, that's a framework - not a policy. I stand by what I said now - you have proved nothing."

National's economic recovery plan was announced by former National leader Todd Muller on July 9. Muller called it a framework, but also vehemently denied claims National hadn't released any policies under his leadership.

"Firstly we have announced policy from JobStart to tourism accelerators, are just two recent examples and actually the framework's important," Muller said at the time.

"To be able to articulate for New Zealand what the nature of the recovery plan is that will get New Zealand working is absolutely critical because then from those elements we can build a clear coherent suite of policies."

Brownlee backed his former leader, saying the JobStart and tourism package were large policies.

He hinted at further announcements too, but remained tightlipped on the details, saying more can be expected closer to the election - in just 64 days. 

"In good time - there's plenty of time to go."