Eyebrow raising: Judith Collins' masterclass on how to use your eyebrow to show you are joking

  • 29/07/2020

Judith Collins is known for a lot of things - but the 'Crusher' caricature would not be complete without the infamous set of arched eyebrows.

One raised brow carries enough disdain to send even the most ferocious of reporters packing. "Challenge me, if you dare," it says, the impeccable arch casting a wide shadow of scorn and disapproval. 

Yet Collins has revealed her signature stare is far less sinister than once thought, claiming it is, in fact, a simple signal.

With the exasperation of a parent explaining simple addition to a crying toddler, Collins explained to reporters on Tuesday: "When my eyebrow goes up, it's a joke."

The revelation into Collins' cryptic mind follows her claim on Monday that "nobody escaped" during her tenure as Minister of Corrections - a claim that was later debunked.

When pressed on the matter by Newshub's political editor Tova O'Brien, the Opposition leader dismissed the statement as "a joke".

"The odd one might've popped out," she said. "But they all got caught. I think you want to actually understand a joke when you hear it."

When asked if Monday's claim could be construed as misleading, Collins retorted: "I think you want to get your Monty Python right.

"When my eyebrow goes up, it's a joke.

"Do you not understand it was a joke? It was a joke."

Okay, everyone? Raised brow + questionable comment = joke. It's just simple addition.

Although it would be impossible to document each time Collins' brow challenged an unworthy opponent, here are some honourable mentions. Watch the video above.