Former National president Michelle Boag's history with privacy scandals

Michelle Boag has resigned from deputy leader Nikki Kaye's election campaign team after admitting leaking information to another National MP about which patients in managed isolation had COVID-19.

But it isn't the first time the former National Party president has been caught up in a privacy scandal.

In 2012 she was criticised for getting involved in Bronwyn Pullar's fight for an ACC payout. She was accused of using the leak of 6000 ACC clients' private information as leverage to get her friend compensation.

When asked in a June 2012 interview if Pullar threatened to expose the privacy breach so she could secure a two-year benefit, Boag said "that's what ACC wants people to believe".

Boag's also had a seat at a number of company board tables, but that didn't stop her from secretly filming Winston Peters at the tax-dodging winebox inquiry.

She's now resigned from her most recent role at the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust after admitting to leaking the patients' information. She used the role at one stage to fly from Auckland Airport to her home on Waiheke Island to pick up her passport. 

Regardless of her roles, she's never swayed from being a true blue National supporter, once labelling the lockdown as "Cindy's kindy".

She believes Muller and Kaye can win this year's election, but is "not going to speculate" whether she's hurt their chances.

Boag's Wikipedia page got a new addition on Wednesday and it now details her involvement in the COVID-19 privacy breach.

She wouldn't comment when asked if she believed she put politics above people's privacy by leaking the information.