Have Your Say: How have Judith Collins, Jacinda Ardern handled the Andrew Falloon scandal

  • 21/07/2020

This week has seen disgraced former National Party MP Andrew Falloon resign from Parliament effectively immediately after he sent explicit photos to several young women.

The Rangitata MP resigned after pressure from National leader Judith Collins and as more details emerged about his indiscretions. There are now three young women who have been sent lewd images.

Newshub has learnt the Prime Minister's chief of staff sat on the email detailing Falloon's indecent messages to a 19-year-old for more than 24 hours before informing the Prime Minister.

This email was then forwarded to Collins' chief of staff on Friday afternoon. On Saturday Collins' office spoke over the phone with Falloon, but it didn't seek assurance about the incident. He didn't volunteer any information about what happened.

On Monday Collins finally called Falloon in for an explanation and he resigned his candidacy that afternoon, saying he had made "a number of mistakes" and he would be focusing on his mental health. But it was revealed later that day he had sent unsolicited explicit images to a teenage girl.

On Tuesday came allegations he had sent explicit images to other women. Falloon resigned from Parliament effective immediately, after pressure from National Party leader Judith Collins.

"It has since emerged that the story has now changed from Andrew Falloon and I have reached the view this morning that it would be in his best interests, the best interests of the young woman - who is my first priority - and for his family if he were to resign from Parliament immediately," Collins told The AM Show.

Ardern says her office has acted with "absolute integrity" on the matter and was "simply a conduit" for information.

"That email was received on Wednesday, we sought permission from the complainant and by Friday it was with the leader of the Opposition. By the time permission was received, it was then immediately forward on."

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Have Your Say: How have Judith Collins, Jacinda Ardern handled the Andrew Falloon scandal

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