Judith Collins reveals 'fabulous' business she'd create with $20,000 BusinessStart policy

Judith Collins has revealed the "fabulous" business she would start up under National's proposed BusinessStart policy.

The National Party leader unveiled the new scheme in Lower Hutt on Wednesday morning. It would act as a companion to JobStart.

New Zealanders who have lost their jobs after March 1 will be given help to start their own businesses, including the opportunity to withdraw $20,000 from their Kiwisaver funds.

They will also receive a voucher for advice on developing a business plan worth $1000, and a free company office registration worth $130.

The policy would begin on November 1 if National wins the upcoming NZ election in September, and would run for 17 months through to the end of the financial year. 

On Tuesday Collins was asked whether National expected Kiwis to be able to come up with a business idea that would be economically viable given the economic recession created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Yes absolutely that's when you do it," Collins said.

"If I had one, well I don't think I would be needing one just yet, but if I had one I would probably set up a fabulous communications business."

National's small business spokesman Andrew Bayly agreed, saying Kiwis are always coming up with great business ideas.

"We have 60,000 businesses created every year in New Zealand. People are always thinking about new business opportunities," he said. 

"Actually, in times like this, there are opportunities. People think that you only set up a business in good times but this is actually a good time to set it up."

But he warned setting up a business is "certainly not for the faint-hearted".

He said the policy is great for "highly skilled" people, with no job prospects to transfer their skills and change their vocation. 

Bayly said National would "make sure they've got proper advice from the outset" to ensure they can succeed, or know when it wasn't going to work.