Judith Collins reveals why she doesn't like the nickname 'Crusher'

National Party MP Judith Collins says she doesn't like the nickname 'Crusher' because it's a caricature and doesn't fit who she is.

She was given the moniker 'Crusher Collins' in 2009 after she proposed legislation to crush the cars of persistent boy racers.

But Collins admitted to The Project on Thursday that it's not a nickname she particularly likes.

"It's not my favourite and I never use it myself. I know that some people love it and some people walk past and go, 'Oh, go Crusher'," she said.

"I don't say, 'Don't you call me that', because people quite like it. But it's very one-dimensional, and it is a caricature and a cartoonist's dream, but it's not me."

Although her nickname came from wanting to crush boy racers' cars, she says she's never personally done it.

Her interview followed David Clark resigning as Health Minister earlier in the day.

She says it will "take away some of our fun" now he no longer holds that portfolio.

"I thought 'the poor bloke'. Yesterday in Parliament he was just looking shattered, and I thought he really should've gone a bit earlier," she said.

"I think his final moment was the humiliation of Ashley Bloomfield, and people didn't like that because David Clark was sitting there with a smirk on his face as he threw his Director-General right under that bus. You just don't do that."

Watch her full interview on The Project above.