Labour's new campaign slogan revealed: 'Let's keep moving'

Labour revealed its new slogan on Saturday.
Labour revealed its new slogan on Saturday. Photo credit: YouTube/NZ Parliament/The AM Show

Another election campaign, another slogan.

"Let's keep moving" is the catchphrase Labour will take into its re-election campaign in September, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern revealed on Saturday.

Ardern said in a Facebook video on Saturday the new slogan was a "rallying call".

But not dissimilar to its last slogan "Let's do this", the internet has reacted in its usual mixed way.

"The new Labour slogan just reminds me of the Madagascar movie," one Twitter user said, referring to the song which featured in the animated film - I Like to Move It by Reel 2 Real ft The Mad Stuntman.

Another user said it reminded them of primary school Jump Jam - a dance and fitness programme commonly used in New Zealand schools in the early 2000s. The programme featured the song Keep on Moving by Five.

"Labour couldn't use Keep on Movin' as their slogan because 5ive would've sued them," said another user, seemingly referring to the 2014 election where The National Party faced allegations of Copyright over its use of a piece of a production music in an advertisement that resembled Eminem's Lose Yourself.

Ardern said New Zealand had to accelerate its progress post-COVID-19 and "keep doing it together".

"Normally a campaign slogan is launched with a big event or an expensive television ad or with billboards going up but something about that didn't feel right this year. Besides, this is a slogan and a campaign about each and every one of us and what we are doing together as a team.

"So this election our message is simple - let's keep moving."

National leader Todd Muller said Labour promised to "let's do this" at the last election but has delivered "so little".

"You cannot afford three more years of Labour, you need a strong National Government to deliver more jobs, a better economy, and a better life for all of us."