NZ election 2020: Judith Collins claims to have received 'tip-off' about Labour minister, passed to Prime Minister

The Prime Minister's Office isn't commenting on claims from Judith Collins that she has passed on to Jacinda Ardern a tip-off she had received about a Labour Party minister.

The Leader of the Opposition made the revelation after speaking to The AM Show about the behaviour of former National MP Andrew Falloon, who quit Parliament on Tuesday after it was alleged he sent inappropriate messages to young women.

Asked by host Duncan Garner if she had "received anything about Labour ministers or Labour MPs", Collins said: "I have actually". 

"I have advised the Prime Minister and I have asked for anybody who has that information to send it directly to her," Collins said.

"I am not going to be indulging in any attacks on Labour on these things."

The National leader didn't disclose the nature of the tip-off and said she didn't have all the details. However, she has told RNZ it involved "fairly inappropriate behaviour".

Asked if it was about a Labour minister, Collins said: "Yes, that's right."

She has passed the information on to Prime Minister Ardern.

"I spoke to the Prime Minister yesterday as we were coming out of Question Time. I asked to speak to her and I said I had received such a tip off and I did not want to receive any information on it. I would be asking the person to send it directly to her. She has provided me with an email address for that and that has been passed onto the person who contacted me. I don't want to engage in this."

Health Minister Chris Hipkins was asked on The AM Show if he knew anything about the information.

"That's, ultimately, a matter for the Prime Minister."

When asked about Collins' claims, the Prime Minister's Office wouldn't comment.