NZ Election 2020: Judith Collins has 'no intention of losing' election as National MP calls her 'placeholder leader'

National's freshly-minted leader Judith Collins has issued a threat to disloyal MPs - leak against her at their peril.

She may have her work cut out for her. Winston Peters has revealed National MPs are leaking to him too. But despite the leaks and threats, both leaders have promised a squeaky clean campaign with no dirty politics.

Don't mess with Judith Collins. She was out drilling together hoardings on Saturday and National's new leader is trigger happy. 

She's not afraid to use her "trigger finger" against dissenting National MPs. If they leak against her, she says they can get the hell out.

"I would rather that people chose to leave if they're not completely committed," Collins said.

She told Newshub Nation she wants them gone before September 19. 

"I'd rather that they did that this side of the election than on the other side of the election," she said. 

So, is 'Get out of here if you're not happy before the election rather than leak against me. You've got a job to do' the message?

Collins said: "I think that's pretty much the message, and I don't see that anyone would disagree with that, would they?"

Well those National MPs might. One told Newshub: "Make no mistake, she's a placeholder leader. There will be a change after the election if she loses it."

Asked if she would resign if she loses the election, Collins said she isn't losing. 

"You're talking very hypothetically. I have no intention of losing."

That intention is something her and Winston Peters have in common 

Peters says he's even bolstered by some of her MPs.

"They're still leaking to me. Now, the reality is, of course, there are some people in the National Party who still have an affection for Winston Peters… well, they're telling me the truth.

"They leak about the dirtiness and the filthiness of the campaign that was coming my way, even in 2017."

But not this time. Collins is promising no dirty politics, no filthy campaigning.

Asked if she would commit to running a clean campaign, Collins said: "Absolutely, and I've told the caucus this."

And again, any MPs who defy her - they're out.

"I will not put up with other people talking about, any of us talking about other MPs' personal lives, their medical situations… Anything like that, I will not have them do it.

"They go after families, they're gone. OK?"

This weekend New Zealand First launches its campaign, delayed after Peters' surgery last week. Peters was also promising no mudslinging, nothing personal.

"I've never allowed a New Zealand First person to ever attack a spouse or family or anybody on their medical record in my party's long history. I'm proud of that."

He says that will be the same this election.

Collins is holding the line laid down by Simon Bridges when he was leader. National will not work with Peters.

"The caucus has said 'We don't want to do a deal with New Zealand First'. That has not changed," Collins said.

"The caucus has not made any different decision and I will respect the views of the caucus."

But Peters is certain that if National needs him, they'll come grovelling.