NZ election 2020: White Ribbon charity 'terminates' Andrew Falloon's ambassador role

White Ribbon has terminated disgraced former National MP Andrew Falloon's ambassadorial role with the charity.

It emerged on Monday evening that Falloon is alleged to have sent inappropriate pornographic images to a young woman. On Tuesday, National leader Judith Collins said she has been contacted by two further women and expects to hear from more. 

He has now resigned from Parliament and Collins has signalled that police will likely relaunch an investigation into him. Police previously investigated after "a report of an individual sending an unsolicited image. The investigation determined it did not meet the threshold for prosecution."

The Rangitata MP has now been dropped by charity White Ribbon, which works to end male violence against women. He had been one of the charity's ambassadors. 

"White Ribbon moved to terminate Andrew Falloon’s voluntary role when news broke of his unacceptable behaviour last night," the charity said.

"The behaviour, if described accurately in the news media, is not compatible with that required of a White Ribbon Ambassador.

"While it is not violent behaviour, if established, it is misaligned with treating women with respect and undermines the work of White Ribbon."

A statement said the White Ribbon board believed the behaviour is "totally unacceptable" and "an urgent decision based on limited evidence" was made on Monday night to terminate Falloon's role. 

"Our more formal process has begun to comply with the policies of White Ribbon, however, we have asked Mr Falloon to resign to avoid the need for this process to occur.

"It is incredibly disappointing that the actions of one Ambassador could taint the good work of the 200 other Ambassadors. Family Violence remains a crisis in New Zealand and as an organisation we remain committed to reducing that violence."

Falloon previously told the Timaru Courier that one of his focuses as ambassador was to promote "healthy relationships".

“Too many young people who see violence and other harm in their home go on to become abusers, while others come to expect it from their partner or spouse as part of a normal relationship. That’s not what love looks like."

According to Collins, when asked on Monday if there were any other incidents she should be aware of, Falloon wasn't straight up. 

"He lied because, when we asked for any other information that we needed to have, he did not give us any of that information."

It's her understanding that he had been "heavily drinking" at the time of allegedly sending the images.

In his statement on Monday, Falloon didn't mention the alleged indecent communications, but said he had made mistakes and was battling unresolved grief after the suicide of a friend. Three friends had also previously taken their own lives. 

Collins said at the time that Falloon was facing significant mental health problems.

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