NZ Public Party leader Billy Te Kahika slams Jacinda Ardern, Dr Ashley Bloomfield in latest speech

The New Zealand Public Party leader has taken aim at Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in a speech where he said the pair had been "indoctrinated" with ideologies in previous jobs.

Billy Te Kahika was speaking at a party event on Sunday when he made the claims against the pair, saying Ardern is a "fully-groomed globalist".

"Her history speaks like the perfect book of how to become a Prime Minister that will betray her people and lead us into an undemocratic society."

He then talks about her career before entering Parliament and makes a point of mentioning her role with former Prime Minister Helen Clark, who he says is the "matriarch of globalism".

He says you don't become "number three in the United Nations" - referencing Clark's former role as administrator of the United Nations Development Programme - without being "fully indoctrinated" in it.

"She is the matriarch, she is a key influence on our Prime Minister. Our Prime Minister in 2009 becomes the president-elect of the International Youth Socialists' Organisation… The people that go through that organisation, they are going through the incubator of globalist communists," Te Kahika says.

"And our Jacinda Ardern, she was the president of this very organisation and her behaviour that she is demonstrating to us today tells us that she is not serving in New Zealand for the people, but is serving the very people that fund that organisation which is the United Nations."

Te Kahika also targeted Dr Bloomfield by saying he's the "unelected" Director-General of the Ministry of Health.

"But what else is he? He's the former executive at the World Health Organization (WHO). Doing what, he was in the executive ward for who? The WHO's infectious diseases unit," he says.

"I can assure you - and I'm sure you know this - that anyone who does any length of time with an organisation like that is going to be fully indoctrinated in the ideology… He comes back to New Zealand and of course he's now the head of our response on the Ministry of Health."

Te Kahika also used his speech on Sunday to talk about the United Nations Agenda 21/30 - which he says "are not conspiracy theories" - and how COVID-19 is being used as a mechanism to bring these agendas into New Zealand.