Ohariu locals react to Judith Collins as new National Party leader

Ohariu locals have given mixed reviews to news Judith Collins is the new leader of the National Party. 

Collins, 61, who was voted in as the new leader on Tuesday night, said she hopes to "crush" the Government at the September election.

The voters in one of the most marginal electorates in the country, Ohariu, were asked to describe Collins in one word.

"Rough... Crusher... Opposite of amazing," were words some individuals used to describe Collins.

"I haven't had a great impression thus far," one person said.

"It's about time," said another.

The National Party caucus however, are her biggest supporters, with those calling her "Courageous… Strong... and Loyal."

"She's fabulous," National list MP Melissa Lee said. 

Judith Collins was elected to parliament in 2002. She became a minister under Sir John Key in 2008 and brought in boy racer laws that earned her the nickname 'Crusher'. 

She was Police and Corrections Minister - true to the blue "tough on crime" line.

Collins does not dance around her words, especially when staring down a scandal. Her most prominent scandal was a secret trip to Oravida - a company her husband was a director of - during a taxpayer funded trip to China.

Then came dirty politics and Collins' links to controversial right wing blogger Cameron Slater. 

As for her conscience: Collins voted for same sex marriage, abortion reform and euthinasia.

"You always know where you stand with Judith, you never meet a meeting or a room with her not knowing what she thinks," National MP Tim Macindoe said. 

And that's a trait they think the Prime Minister should look out for. 

National MP Paula Bennett says Jacinda Ardern is up against a challenger.

"I reckon she's up against a challenger that's going to not hold back," Bennett says.

Judith Collins and Jacinda Ardern have faced off before, but never with stakes this high.