'Pattern of behaviour' emerging: Further allegations of lewd images sent by disgraced ex-National MP Andrew Falloon

Newshub can reveal Judith Collins' office has been contacted by another young woman who says she received unsolicited explicit images from ex-National MP Andrew Falloon.

Falloon allegedly sent two lewd images - not of himself - to the young woman in her mid-twenties on two separate occasions about two weeks apart.

This incident involves a different young woman than the 19-year-old Falloon sent pornographic material to and resigned over on Monday. 

It appears this is a third example of Falloon's alleged behaviour. Stuff reported incidents involving a second woman and Newshub believes this is separate.

A spokesperson for Judith Collins says, "We are concerned there is a pattern of behaviour here and we suspect there could be more people coming forward."

In his statement on Monday, Falloon referred to multiple mistakes saying, "I have made a number of mistakes and I apologise to those who have been affected."

Andrew Falloon could not be reached for comment.

Falloon announced plans to retire from politics after the election in a statement on Monday, explaining that he will not be contesting the upcoming election to focus on his mental health.

"As I noted in my maiden speech three years ago, when I was younger I lost three close friends to suicide. It was an extremely difficult period in my life," Falloon said.

"Unfortunately, recently, another friend took their own life, which has brought back much unresolved grief. I have made a number of mistakes and I apologise to those who have been affected."

Falloon did not disclose at the time what those "mistakes" were.

"Recent events have compounded that situation and reminded me of the need to maintain my own health and wellbeing," Falloon added. "I have again been receiving counselling."

The following day, Falloon resigned from Parliament effective immediately, after pressure from National Party leader Judith Collins.

"It has since emerged that the story has now changed from Andrew Falloon and I have reached the view this morning that it would be in his best interests, the best interests of the young woman - who is my first priority - and for his family if he were to resign from Parliament immediately," Collins told The AM Show.

"I think that is actually the better outcome for him as well because he can now then move straight into receiving the professional medical help that he clearly needs."

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