Police reveal results from investigation into Andrew Falloon's 'unsolicited image' to young woman

Police have revealed "no further action will be taken" following an investigation into a National MP sending an inappropriate image to a young woman.

Andrew Falloon resigned earlier on Monday after sending the image, saying he'd made "a number of mistakes".

"Police conducted an investigation after receiving a report of an individual sending an unsolicited image," a police spokesperson says.

"The investigation determined it did not meet the threshold for prosecution. As such, no further action will be taken."

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was the first to find out about the image after an email was sent to her, which she forwarded to National leader Judith Collins.

In a statement on Monday, Falloon cited "unresolved grief" following the recent suicide of a friend as his reason for resigning. He said: "I have made a number of mistakes and I apologise to those who have been affected."

Collins also put out a statement on Monday saying Falloon is "suffering from significant mental health issues".

Falloon will remain as an MP until the election.

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