Social media split over National Party leader Todd Muller's shock resignation

Todd Muller has resigned as leader of the National Party after just 53 days in the role.

In a shock statement on Tuesday Muller said he would no longer lead the party as it was "untenable from a health perspective".

As soon as the news broke, social media was overwhelmed with varying reactions. Some were in support of the embattled leader while others condemned him.

Former Wellington Mayor Justin Lester sympathised with Muller saying politics are "brutal and often toxic".

"Todd Muller wanted to be PM since a young age so this decision can't have come easily," he wrote on Tuesday.

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"I wish him and his family all the best."

Lester's comments were echoed by many as people sided with Muller saying they understood why he was standing down. 


Comedian Guy Williams noticed the sentiment and said it was "refreshing"

"It's really weird but refreshing that Twitter isn't just piling on Todd Muller for resigning 2 months after taking the job," he wrote.

"Are we turning a corner and becoming more mature? Probably not but it's a nice dream."

However not everyone is so supportive - a comment on William's Tweet revealed some are less than pleased with Muller.

"He needs to be made fun of more".

And some people did make fun of him - sparking anger from National MP Chris Bishop. 

The member for Hutt South was baited into replying to comment after the person accused him and the National caucus of "setting up a decent bloke in a job he was clearly not up to".

"You should be ashamed of yourself," wrote Twitter user Shane Te Pou.

"Piss off Shane," came Bishop's reply.

The crude response shocked people.

"The quality of this reply from an MP - disgusting," wrote one person.

"And there we have the toxicity of the National Party. Well done for displaying it to NZ," said another. 

Others weren't so happy about Muller's resignation, calling him a "coward", "disingenuous" and "hypercritical".

One woman took a more tongue in cheek approach saying "don't be mean to Todd Muller. He sucked at his job and that's okay".