Which MPs have left the National Party since Judith Collins became leader and why

It's been an eventful few weeks for the National Party and it seems the excitement isn't going to stop yet.

On Monday Andrew Falloon announced his resignation - the third MP to quit since veteran politician Judith Collins stepped up to the leadership following the shock resignation of former leader Todd Muller.

On July 14 Muller stepped down saying his continuation in the role was "untenable from a health perspective".

Later the same day, Collins took his place. And from there, three MPs resigned in quick succession.

Falloon is the most recent MP to step down but he's not the first. So who has left since Collins took the reins, and why?


Andrew Falloon

On Monday afternoon Falloon announced he would no longer stand as an MP via a statement. He cited the recent death of a friend bringing back "much unresolved grief".

"When I was younger I lost three close friends to suicide," he said.

"It was an extremely difficult period in my life. Unfortunately, recently, another friend took their own life, which has brought back much unresolved grief.

Falloon said he had made "a number of mistakes" and apologised to those who were affected.

In a following statement, Collins said his resignation followed "an issue" which occurred on Friday afternoon. She did not expand on what the issue was but confirmed Falloon was suffering "significant mental health issues".

Former National MPs Amy Adams, Nikki Kaye and Andrew Falloon.
Former National MPs Amy Adams, Nikki Kaye and Andrew Falloon. Photo credit: File

"His privacy and that of his family must be respected."

Newshub revealed the Prime Minister was made aware of the incident but she would not expand further. 

In her post-Cabinet discussion, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern would only say it's for National to explain what led to Falloon's resignation.


Nikki Kaye


The day after Collins was appointed leader, senior MP Nikki Kaye decided to leave the career path she had been on since 2002.

Kaye had been the deputy leader for the party for 53 days while former leader Todd Muller was still at the helm. Following Muller's shock resignation and Collins' appointment, Kaye was replaced by the current deputy leader Gerry Brownlee.

A day later, she announced she would resign at the September election and while she didn't cite a reason, she did say it wasn't directly due to Collins' appointment.

"I believe Judith is absolutely the right leader for the party at this time and I will be supporting Judith and the party to win this election. New Zealand needs National," she said in a statement.


Amy Adams

Later that same day Amy Adams announced she was out too. Adams had resigned in 2019 under the leadership of Simon Bridges, then un-resigned to join Muller and Kaye. However when Muller resigned and Kaye was replaced Adams un-un-resigned, saying she would have stayed if Collins had kept her as the COVID-19 recovery spokesperson.

"There wasn't the same impetus for it under this leadership style," Adams said. 

But she rejected the idea she was leaving a sinking ship, telling Newshub her decision was a carry-on from one she made mid-2019.

"I made the decision that it was really the end of my political career mid-last year."