Duncan Garner: Why I'm voting against cannabis legalisation at the referendum

OPINION: I want to surprise you for a second. This election there are two referendums.

That's not the surprise. If it was, then you need to get out more.

No, this is the surprising part. 

Vote yes for euthanasia and you get euthanasia in law, almost immediately. But vote yes for the legalisation of cannabis and you get, well, nothing.

Just a new Government and a long process ahead where the cannabis Bill will still need to make its way through the lengthy process of Parliament, including a time-consuming select committee.

Depending on who makes it back, any number of MPs could make changes to the legislation which you will have no power over. 

Justice Minister Andrew Little says he expects there may be changes to the proposed law given the public will have their say during the parliamentary process.

Basically MPs this term couldn't decide, disagreed or weren't organised enough to put a simple solution in front of you.

But what I know is you are not voting on a sure thing, you are voting on the next Government carrying on the work of the last.

This Bill has barely passed the first hurdle.

Now it's up to you to either give it life or put it to sleep.

Our country has faced a huge upheaval this year - well, the whole world has - but worse could be yet to come. Perhaps economic chaos, which will be life-changing for many.

I think this is a poor time for another social experiment on our streets when the evidence on the upside is flimsy at best and even the PM's own departmental report fails to recommend legalising cannabis. 

I'm voting against.

Be careful what you wish for.

Duncan Garner hosts The AM Show.