Gender-neutral option included in voting enrolment forms for first time

The forms were changed last year.
The forms were changed last year. Photo credit: Getty

For the first time, voters have the opportunity to have a gender-neutral pronoun on their enrolment form.

The September 2020 election will include an 'Mx' option as well as Ms, Mrs, Mr and Miss. 

The Electoral Commission said the forms were updated last year to be more inclusive.

"One of the changes we made was to include the Mx title to give people a gender-neutral option," a spokesperson told Stuff. 

The Electoral Commission sought advice from the Human Rights Commission on which was the most appropriate gender neutral term to use. 

The change will not affect actual voting papers, which do not include titles.

A recent survey from University of Waikato focussing on the health and wellbeing of trans and non-binary New Zealanders found that 45 percent of the participants used the term 'non-binary' to describe themselves. Five out of six didn't have the correct gender on their birth certificate.

The research recommended processes should be simplified for non-binary and trans Kiwis to have accurate identification documents.



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