Have your say: Is New Zealand heading towards a dirty election?

  • 02/08/2020

After a weekend string of political parties reporting vandalised or stolen election hoardings, there could be concerns the campaign may not be as clean as hoped.

National Party leader Judith Collins already labelled the election campaign as "dirty" following events including a ministerial affair, an MP sending unsolicited sexually explicit images and photos resurfacing of a youth candidate appearing to impersonate Adolf Hitler.

But it now appears campaign hoardings are becoming a target. National MP Chris Bishop posted a video to Facebook on Sunday showing his wife Jenna Raeburn removing black pen ink moustaches from Labour Party billboards.

"Vandalism is never okay," he wrote as the caption.

Labour MP Kieran McAnulty also spent time on Sunday putting signs for several parties back up after they were damaged overnight, he says.

"I thought I may as well do the others as well. It should be a contest of ideas, not a contest of who's got the most signs up."

Collins also accused "opponents" of stealing campaign hoardings in an attempt to get her in trouble with the Electoral Commission.

"Two hoardings and all the wood stolen in Papakura. Has been reported to the Police. We expect they will turn up on Election Day in contravention of the rules. Stupid behaviour from our opponents," she tweeted.

Collins said she informed her caucus to keep the election campaign clean, and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said she'd offer up a "positive", "factual" and "robust" campaign.

But after the latest series of attacks on politicians' billboards, is New Zealand heading towards a dirty election? Have your say in the straw poll below.

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Have your say: Is New Zealand heading towards a dirty election?
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