'Intimidating' note sent to Canterbury resident for advertising the National Party

The note criticised the Waimakariri resident for displaying a National Party sign.
The note criticised the Waimakariri resident for displaying a National Party sign. Photo credit: Getty Images

National's MP for Waimakariri Matt Doocey has expressed his disappointment over an "intimidating" anonymous note received by a Canterbury resident.

The note called the resident a "lowlife" for advertising the National Party with a hoarding on their fence.

"Nine years of National running our infrastructure into the ground and Labour steering us through the biggest crisis in our lives and you respond by advertising National?" the note says.

"You have a short memory, you lowlife." 

Doocey posted a photo of the note to his Facebook page on Saturday and hinted it wasn't the only one the sign owner had received. 

"Disappointing a local Waimakariri resident who is exercising their legal right of political expression by putting a National Party sign on their fence is receiving intimidating notes and being called a 'low life'," he said. 

Doocey criticised the note writer for not having the "conviction to put their name to their claims" and said the note writer doesn't know what they're talking about. 

He says the writer "clearly" just moved into the area if they weren't aware of the infrastructure investments the former National Government put into the district.

According to Doocey, Waimakariri benefited from a new school, two new motorways, a bridge, and a new hospital under the National Government.  

Dan Rosewater, the Labour candidate for the region, commented on Doocey's post saying the note is: "disappointing to see".

"No one should be treated like this for supporting their local candidate from any party."

The post received mixed responses from Facebook users.

"Everyone is entitled to a political opinion, some people make it so personal, we should all be adult enough to accept people are different, and that's ok," one user wrote.