NZ election 2020: Judith Collins accuses 'opponents' of setting her up after hoardings vanish

National Party leader Judith Collins has accused "opponents" of stealing campaign hoardings in an attempt to get her into trouble with the Electoral Commission. 

"Two hoardings and all the wood stolen in Papakura," she wrote on Twitter. 

"We expect they will turn up on election day in contravention of the rules. Stupid  behaviour from our opponents."

It is against the law to advertise and campaign on election day.

Collins says she has reported the alleged theft to police.

Many other Twitter users expressed scepticism at her alleged conspiracy.

"Someone get Judith a tin foil hat," one person said.

"Car got stolen last night, expect it'll show up soon. Stupid behavior from the Nats! Specifically Judith Collins who I'm accusing of stealing my car w/o evidence," said another.

Collins' claim of sabotage comes after a New Conservative candidate was fooled into believing his sign had been graffitied with a slur, only to discover he'd been "pranked"; and someone in the Bay of Plenty thought it would be fun to spraypaint swastikas on Labour Party hoardings.

Collins, 61, has held the Papakura electorate since its reinstatement in 2008, winning it by a comfortable margin in 2017. 

The election will take place on September 19.