Duncan Garner: A Matariki public holiday is the last thing New Zealand businesses need right now

OPINION: If you were to suddenly ask me what Matariki is, I would say it's something to do with the Māori New Year.

Something to do with the stars and how Māori used them to navigate their way to New Zealand - that's what I think it is. It has history, it has a backstory. It's about the birth of New Zealand, give or take a few other myths and interpretations.

I have stood at Bastion Point at 4am and been amazed and wooed by a story that a sleepier version of myself had been cynical about when the alarm went off.

But a public holiday?

Well, it's a cunning and smart ploy by Jacinda Ardern to offer Kiwis another day off. It costs nothing right now, so on that front - when we are bleeding cash - she can throw her hands in the air and say, "No flies on me".

But down the track, the costs will sit firmly with business, and right now - boy, are they doing it hard. They need another holiday like a hole in their bank balance.

This is the last thing businesses and small businesses need right now. It's simply not the time to say here's an extra cost coming your way, enjoy that one.

Already during this pandemic, Labour increased the minimum wage. When it comes to being 'tone-deaf' to business, they still lead the way.

Oh lighten up, Duncan - sure, if it smells like a bribe, walks like a bribe and is a bribe, then it's a bribe - but it's a bribe that costs zip right now.

And here's the cunning politics - is National really going to campaign to strip this from us before we take it? 

Go on Judith, are you worker or business-friendly - because you must decide now.

It's a nice little snooker from Ardern.

Duncan Garner is the host of The AM Show.