Duncan Garner: All eyes on Grant Robertson on Labour's tax day

OPINION: It's T-day for Labour - tax day - and all eyes go on Labour's Grant Robertson as he releases the party's tax policy.

They made a total hash of it last election, fumbling around with capital gains like a hot potato. Yes, no, in, out, yes, no.

Labour suffered, NZ's economy tanked for a bit, confidence slumped, people shut up shop and the Captain's call ended up being the Skipper's lament - much ado about nothing.

Don't expect such amateur hour today. The Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has been sent as far away from tax debate as possible, to Whakatane to protect her from any fallout.

Labour did not touch income tax in its first term. Why? Because they know it turns voters off.

But today, finally, we get the full reveal in Wellington's slowest strip tease ever, starring Grant Robertson only. 

Will it hike taxes on the highest earners in New Zealand? It's never ruled it out.

And certainly, Labour is not against those at the top paying more. 

They've done it before. Under Helen Clark if you earned over $60,000 a year in 1999 you paid a top rate of tax of 39c in every dollar you earned above that salary.

Now the top rate of tax is 33 cents in the dollar over $70,000. 

National brought it down. Labour never hiked it back up.

All this week Robertson has set the scene for today, peppering National with the same attack line - how are you going to pay for your big promises?

Right now, New Zealand is in one massive hole. The Government has been forced to borrow $50 billion dollars and we gotta pay that back somehow.

You could easily say there is no need to hike taxes. A growing and strong economic recovery into the future can pay for this.

But something tells me they won't. 

In Labour's sights are those who earn six-figures and especially those who earn $150,000 and above. 

More than 122,000 thousand Kiwis earn a salary over $150,000 - but that's just 3 percent of all workers, yet they pay 25 percent or a quarter of the entire tax paid in NZ. 

Brace yourselves to cut back on the lattes.

Duncan Garner hosts The AM Show.