Duncan Garner: Exclusive details on Jacinda Ardern's phone call to Scott Morrison about Bledisloe Cup

OPINION: I have exclusive new details of the developing drama around the two Bledisloe Rugby tests set down to be played in New Zealand.

The Aussies want out - they don't want to come to NZ. 

You probably know that bit already but it's now so serious that Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern hit the phones last night to talk directly with Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

My sources say Prime Minister Ardern has even offered to relax quarantine protocols further in a bid to get the Aussies over the line but it doesn't look good. 

So, within six days of arriving the Aussie squad of 45, according to my source, would be allowed to train as a group. 

The Aussies are thinking about it. But truth is there is more chance of Richardson padding up against Warne and enjoying a beer with each other afterwards. 

The Aussies have the Rugby Championship to host and see the trip to NZ as getting in the way, especially with the tough border controls.

The first sign of trouble came on the weekend when Coach Dave Rennie slammed our quarantine requirements. 

Then they said hey, why don't we host the Bledisloe games instead. 

It sent NZ Rugby into a tailspin who immediately called on the Beehive to do something.

And suddenly the price we might pay for a tough lockdown just got higher. 

Clearly, the Prime Minister's credibility is now somewhat on the line and she is obviously desperate to save the two tests

One of them might be played on Election Day. It's a test alright and Ardern needs to win it or see a backlash in the polls.

Those Aussies are cunning. So much for the shared Anzac spirit and values in these tough times.

First the underarm, now the underhand.  

Thanks Julia Gillard. Yeah right. 

Good luck getting the Aussies to soften. This is grave for NZ rugby and ruthless from Rugby Australia.

Duncan Garner hosts The AM Show.