Duncan Garner: This Government talked all the platitudes on mental health, but it's the same ugly result

OPINION: Where are we really at with mental health? 

It's the same debate and the same old story as we approach three weeks out from the election.

Now, don't get me wrong, I want to celebrate the Government's "vision" on mental health and their generosity - $1.9 billion thrown at the problem.

On the frontline this Government talked all the platitudes on mental health, but the same old result is ugly and in some areas getting more unsafe, more under-resourced. Where's the hope?

All the Government fanfare and all of the money allocated, and we ain't getting on top of it. No amount of press releases and pleasantries and smiles and waves can mask the fact I would be scared if I was committed to one of the acute mental health wards in New Zealand. I'd be worried it was a one-way trip.

The problems are apparently everywhere and while a few small improvements may have happened, and money has been allocated, the big picture remains just as bad as when those nasty Nats were running mental health. The answer of course is time - good things take time, but many people simply do not have it.

Duncan Garner hosts The AM Show

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