Green School principal Stuart MacAlpine resigns

Green School principal Stuart MacAlpine resigns
Photo credit: Twitter

The principal of Green School New Zealand, the expensive private school that received an $11.7 million grant to build new classrooms, has resigned. 

An email seen by Newshub was sent to parents at the school on Wednesday night, informing them Stuart MacAlpine had been, "Headhunted by one of the most prestigious international educational foundations in the world", and had accepted the position. 

Green School confirmed in a statement to Newshub on Thursday that MacAlpine had been headhunted and that he will remain involved and connected with Green School in the future.

"I feel extremely fortunate to have spent time here. Although it is premature for goodbyes, I have learnt so much from the astonishing parents, community and the wonderful people who support the school," MacAlpine said.

Green School CEO Chris Edwards said, "We are excited that Stuart will be continuing on with us until the end of the school year. It is also great news that Stuart will continue to be involved in the future development of the Green School curriculum once he has left his position."

Edwards said he was in the very early stages of recruiting a principal to lead on from MacAlpine.

"Stuart is considered to be one of the top educators and curriculum developers in the world and his curriculum work at Green School has been truly exceptional," Edwards said.

"It has been an honour to have him with us to set the foundation of Green School for our first year and really does validate the strength of the learning programme we now have in place."

The school's been the centre of controversy for Green Party co-leader James Shaw, who advocated for the millions of dollars in funding for the school as a shovel-ready project. 

The goal of the fund is to create jobs for infrastructure projects. But funding a private school is in contravention to the Green Party's policy to stop Government funding going to private schools.

The funding decision angered Green voters, parents and teachers across the country.