Jacinda Ardern predicts the future, struggles with noisy flock of seagulls in bizarre TV interview

A flock of seagulls in Dunedin have pulled off what the Opposition parties have struggled to do this election campaign - get their voices heard over the Prime Minister.

But rather than run (so far away), Jacinda Ardern invited the city's town hall bells to join the cacophony - and right on cue, they did.

The bizarre scene played out in the city's Octagon, while Ardern was talking to The AM Show about the upcoming cannabis referendum. 

As she spoke, the flock got louder and louder, prompting host Duncan Garner to ask if she could get rid of them.

"I hope they don't go poo-poos," he told her.

"You're lucky that you didn't get the bells," Ardern said - and right then the bells started ringing, prompting laughter all round. 

"Could you walk on water... as well please," Garner quipped. 

Earlier that morning, Ardern had been speaking to TVNZ's Breakfast from the same spot in the Octagon. That interview was fraught with technical difficulties, and just when the problems got sorted the bells chimed in.

"Oh my giddy aunt," host John Campbell said.

Later on The AM Show, Garner suggested it was a sign of the Prime Minister's influence.

"If you ever doubted the Prime Minister's influence, then doubt no more." 

Sportsreader Mark Richardson had a more prosaic explanation.

"I think I can explain her timing there. You were starting to bore her, she'd lost interest and she was clock-watching. She knew it was nearly eight o'clock and the bells were gonna go off."