NZ Election 2020: Judith Collins immortalised as 'Bond girl' on Waikato National supporter's leg

The tattoo of Judith Collins took eight hours to create.
The tattoo of Judith Collins took eight hours to create. Photo credit: Famous Dave's Tattoo Studio/ Facebook

A Waikato National Party supporter has had a tribute to leader Judith Collins immortalised on his leg.

Morrinsville tattoo artist Dave Mouat from Famous Dave's Tattoo Studio created the tattoo for Te Aroha local Nick on Sunday.

"He's a National supporter and he just thought it was a good idea," Mouat said.

Mouat told Newshub the tattoo, on Nick's upper thigh, took most of Sunday to create.

"I think it took me about eight hours. We tattooed for about five and a half hours and it took about three hours to design," he said.

The final product shows the National Party leader as "Crusher Collins" wielding a gun in front of the New Zealand flag in Bond girl style.

"I think it's cool," Mouat told Newshub. "It's kind of cute with it's Bond girl sort of look. I think it portrays her in a nice light."

He said Nick hoped it would bring some publicity to the political party, with the 2020 New Zealand election coming up in October.

However on the tattoo studio's Facebook page commenters weren't too convinced by the tribute.

"Would be the quickest cover or removal job in the history of tattooing," one person wrote.

Others asked if he had lost a bet, and wondered if someone would get a tattoo of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

Earlier this year Mouat also created a tattoo of Dr Ashley Bloomfield, who has been fronting press conferences about the COVID-19 pandemic all year.

The tattoo of Dr Ashley Bloomfield.
The tattoo of Dr Ashley Bloomfield. Photo credit: Facebook/Famous Dave's Tattoo Studio

The woman, known only as Sherilyn, has emblazoned her calf with a large portrait of Director-General of Health which also features the Beehive, an Anzac poppy and the statue of former Prime Minister Richard Seddon. 

Mouat said it was "one of the most memorable tattoos I have done".

"[Sherilyn's] fun and most of her tattoos reflect her quirky sense of humour."