NZ Election 2020: Judith Collins, Jacinda Ardern dish out their opinion on US President Donald Trump

Jacinda Ardern and Judith Collins have dished out their opinions on US President Donald Trump.

Going head-to-head in an intense Newshub Leaders Debate, national correspondent Patrick Gower first asked the pair how they rated his handling of the COVID-19 outbreak, which has caused devastation across the US.

"I thought it was a difficult call. I actually... thought he could have done better myself," Collins replied.

"You'll know my views. The idea that we would be compared to the outbreak in the United States by President Trump, obviously I totally rejected that and I stand by our response," Ardern stated.

Gower followed this up by asking if they thought Trump was a "dangerous influence on the world".

"I will work in New Zealand's interest," Ardern replied. "And if a democracy delivers Donald Trump that's who we work with."

"You asked that question last time," Collins said for her answer.

"You know what, what I've seen is... well actually I can give you a bit more than that. And I agree with Ms Ardern.

"You've got to work with whoever the leaders are. You don't get to choose the foreign leaders.

"But what I can tell you - he has actually done some quite recent stuff with Israel and UAE and so actually that's better than war, don't you think? He hasn't been ready to rush into war."

"It is a worry when the best thing you can say is at least we haven't had war," Ardern retorted

"Well actually it's a damn sight better than any of the other presidents that have been there before, including those you admire Ms Ardern," Collins snapped back.

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