NZ Election 2020: Judith Collins releases National's first TV ad to combat Labour's

National leader Judith Collins has released her party's first television ad as the head-to-head battle with Labour begins for New Zealand's political future.

On Sunday the formal writ was issued for the 2020 General Election, allowing parties to unleash their television and radio advertising.

Collins has come out with a video showing her standing in front of a blue background. Speaking directly into the camera, she warns of the impact COVID-19 has had on our economy and community, and calls for people to vote National.

"New Zealand, let me be straight with you," she says.

"Communities, livelihoods, futures are at stake. Yes, it requires historic debt but more importantly, a team you can trust to manage it.

"It means giving Kiwi businesses confidence, backing Kiwis to retrain or go out on their own, delivering infrastructure, a secure border and a greener smarter future.

"It is a big job, but with our plan to get New Zealand working you can trust us to get it done."

The ad ends with Collins flanked by her MPs, with the phrase "Strong team. More jobs. Better economy." on the screen.

Labour leader Jacinda Ardern previewed her party's first television ad on social media on Friday.

The commercial features Ardern sitting at a desk in a bright red blazer staring down the camera.

"Together, we went hard and early to fight COVID. Our plan now is to rebuild the economy even stronger. We will create new jobs with infrastructure and environmental projects, make apprenticeships free to prepare for tomorrow's jobs, and back business and grow trade with targeted support," Ardern says.

"These are uncertain times, but we have seen what we can achieve with a strong plan. So, let's stick together and let's keep moving."