NZ Election 2020: Judith Collins says Kiwis don't want a Government dictator 'who think tax is love'

Judith Collins in a press conference on Tuesday.
Judith Collins in a press conference on Tuesday. Photo credit: Newshub

Opposition leader Judith Collins is urging supporters to vote National if they want to be strategic and avoid a "far-left government".

In a press conference on Tuesday, Collins said New Zealanders do not want to be governed "by people who think tax is love".

When asked whether she was concerned National voters may strategically vote for Labour to oust the Greens, Collins replied that any strategic vote is to vote for National.

"The very strategic vote for any National voter is a National party vote and a National electorate vote," she replied. "That is the best strategic vote - except in Epsom.

"I think people can see that the centre-right is coming up and that the centre-left and far-left is going down."

This comes after results from Sunday's Newshub-Reid Research poll showed National up 4.5 percentage points from the last poll, hovering just below 30 percent.

The traditional left - Labour and the Greens - dropped a combined 10 percentage points in the Newshub-Reid Research poll (the Greens lifted 0.8 percentage points), while the traditional right - National and ACT - lifted 7.5 points.

However they are still languishing well behind Labour, who are polling at 50.1 percent, down 10.8 points. This result would see them to 61 seats in Parliament - just enough to govern alone.

Results from the Newshub-Reid Research poll:

Labour Party - 47 percent (down 1 percent)

National Party - 33 percent (up 2 percent)

ACT - 8 percent (up 1 percent)

Green Party - 7 percent (up 1 percent)

New Zealand First - 1 percent (down 1 percent)

New Conservative - 1 percent (down 1 percent)

The Opportunities Party - 1 percent

Maori Party - 1 percent

Advance New Zealand - 1 percent

Don't know / Refused - 11 percent