NZ Election 2020: Political scientist says Jacinda Ardern 'lacked passion' in TV debate

Your Vote 2020 Election Debate.
Your Vote 2020 Election Debate. Photo credit: TVNZ

National leader Judith Collins was more effective and relatable compared to Labour's Jacinda Ardern during their leaders' debate on Tuesday night, according to a political scientist.

Jennifer Lees-Marshment said Collins was "actually much more effective at communication," because she was "more relatable and more empathetic."

"Ardern seemed to lack passion," she said, in response to TVNZ's 2020 Election debate.

"She was very defensive, she lacked passion, it was like she was on the backfoot."

When asked about their answers to students having to leave schools early because they feel the need to go to work to support their parents, Collins replied with her husband's own experience of being taken out of school when he was fifteen.

Twitter users were quick to weigh in - with some agreeing Ardern was "defensive and floundered."

That Ardern was "only smiles and animations."

But Lees-Marshment said Collins still had her weaknesses, talking too much about what was wrong with Labour.

"She talked too much about what was wrong with Labour, and all the time you're doing that you're not talking enough about what National is going to do - what Judith is going to do."

"They don't talk enough about what it is they're offering to voters that's going to be better and different - and stop criticising Labour because it looks foolish."

Twitter user also agreed, calling Collins "disingenuous, self serving, and full of BS."