Politicians fired up over 'vile' social media posts of Jacinda Ardern with Pornhub branding

"Vile" and "nasty" social media posts, including one of Jacinda Ardern with Pornhub branding, have been condemned by both sides of the House.

A photo of the Prime Minister superimposed on Pornhub branding has been spread on social media.

Labour Minister Chris Hipkins fired up during his adjournment speech over "a set of vile, nasty, personal attacks that are being promoted by members of the National Party".

"Photos of the Prime Minister superimposed on Pornhub images and [they] think that's an acceptable thing to be spread on social media."

The doctored photograph was circulated by National supporters, and then doctored again by National's political rivals, altered to make it look like the image was posted by Judith Collins' husband, David Wong-Tung.

Wong-Tung has been re-posting memes from a Facebook page named National Party's Meme Working Group which called Ardern the "Incredible Sulk" and said "Unite against Cindy".

Collins on Monday responded to her husband's actions, saying it's not something she would do.

"We've been together for 41 years. I've never been able to get him to do anything I tell him to do so," she said.

Ardern's supporters in turn shared deeply offensive and racist attacks against Wong-Tung, including one with his face superimposed on a photo of an ape.

"He's had a tremendous amount of abuse over the years from people of the 'lefter' persuasion," Collins told The AM Show.

On Tuesday, the Speaker had to intervene with National itself, ordering them to take down a post about Labour's COVID-19 testing.

It was called "misleading" because it forged Labour's letterheads and shortened Hipkins' actual answer to a Parliamentary question.

Collins told her MPs to remove it and claimed she hadn't signed off on it and hadn't even seen it.

However it appears she retweeted it days ago on her own Twitter account.

Collins' office says her tweets these days are sent by a social media team, and Collins did not tweet it herself.

But there's a wry irony that National's been accusing the Government of spreading misinformation with its botched testing advice, when it let incorrect information out across its platforms too.