Tukituki MP Lawrence Yule hoping to keep seat blue as National pledges half-a-billion to rebuild Hawke's Bay Hospital

National's Tukituki MP Lawrence Yule is hoping to keep the seat blue as the National Party pledges half-a-billion dollars to fund the rebuild of Hawke's Bay Hospital. 

The hospital is old and it's hot, particularly in summer, as it was built in 1961 and has no air conditioning. 

"It's not safe to have people working in an old building like that with 30degC heat day after day," National Party leader Judith Collins said on Tuesday. 

The rebuild won't get started until 2025, so in the meantime National would spend $7 million on air conditioning for the hospital, which would of course then be knocked down.

Newshub asked Collins if that's a waste of money, and she said it's nothing compared to the $11.7 million the Government promised to the privately-owned Green School in Taranaki. 

National's under fire for announcing policy without outlining how much it'll cost or how they'll pay, which Labour's finance spokesperson Grant Robertson says it "reflective of a chaotic environment inside their party". 

Newshub understands the National Party caucus hasn't been shown internal polling results recently - a source of frustration and discontent for MPs under Simon Bridges' leadership. 

Collins told Newshub she hasn't received any for a while. 

It's troubling especially for those in marginal seats - worried about losing their place in Parliament. 

Collins said she is "not concerned" about losing the Tukituki seat which borders Napier to the south, despite Tukituki slowly turning red. 

In 2017, National candidate Lawrence Yule got 18,280 votes while Labour's Anna Lorck gained 15,467 - the margin just 2813. 

Yule is number 33 on the National Party list and in Newshub's latest poll National only gets 32 seats.

Yule acknowledged that if he doesn't win the Tukituki seat he probably won't be coming back to Parliament. 

"Yep, correct, correct," he said. "I don't expect to get back on the party list, I actually really only want to be an electorate MP."

His opponent feels the same. Lorck has even requested not to be put on the Labour Party list. 

"I've been up against the tide, this time with the wind in the sails. Hopefully we've got a shot," she told Newshub. 

Both are banking on the same track to Parliament: taking out Tukituki.