Decision 20: Shane Jones told not to do interviews the day after election as Winston Peters insists NZ First will make comeback

New Zealand First leadership has ordered senior candidate Shane Jones to not do interviews the day after the election as Winston Peters continues to insist his party will surprise everyone and make it back in.

An email from Jones' office to Newshub Nation says, "all Shane's interviews on Sunday are on hold at this stage due to the leaders request". An identical email was sent to The Hui also cancelling a planned interview.

But Peters said he hasn't told anyone not to do interviews on Sunday.

"What I've told them to do is, 'don't take your eyes off the fact this is a marathon.'"

Asked whether he gave Jones an order not to do an interview with Newshub Nation or The Hui on Sunday, Peters said, "I'll say it for a second time; I haven't given anyone any instructions at all".

Peters is also dealing with reports he saw the NZ First Foundation's financials a year before allegations it used undeclared donations for party expenses.

"I'm not wasting any time offending the sub judice," Peters said when pressed on the matter on Thursday.

And there's more. NZ First's slogan may be "back your future" but that's exactly the message that's not getting through to his very own staff. It was revealed on Wednesday Peters' staff see the writing on the wall and are worried about their jobs.