'Disgraceful': Australian columnist slammed for calling Jacinda Ardern 'grossly incompetent'

Jacinda Ardern.
Jacinda Ardern. Photo credit: Getty Images

An Australian columnist who took aim at Jacinda Ardern by calling her a "grossly incompetent administrator" has been slammed online for his comments.

Commentator for The Australian newspaper Gideon Rozner was the second writer from the outlet this week to unleash their opinion of the Prime Minister.

The first columnist said Ardern "excels" in "woke gesture and progressive symbolism" and is undeserving of the global reputation she has gained, and Rozner doubled-down on Monday by saying her re-election means "New Zealand is in for a dangerous three years".

In an article headlined "Danger across the ditch as incompetent leader Ardern wins office", Rozner said the Prime Minister "is perhaps the worst person to lead New Zealand through [the COVID-19] economic turbulence".

"From what we do know about their 'policy-lite' platform, Labour will likely exacerbate New Zealand's economic woes," he wrote.

"Worse-still is the possibility - still not ruled out at time of writing - that Ardern will go into coalition with the Green Party, with their plans for a new 'wealth tax' and climate change evangelism on par with the Greens' Australian counterparts."

Although Labour received enough votes in the election to govern alone, there is a possibility a coalition agreement could be made between the two parties.

Ardern also repeatedly said during the election campaign that Labour wouldn't adopt the Greens' wealth tax policy.

Rozner's comments outraged Australians, some of who called his column "crap".

"Dear New Zealand friends, The RAG that calls itself The Australian does NOT speak for me or anyone I know in Australia … We wish we had Jacinda Ardern as our PM," one person tweeted.

"Who wrote such crap!! Ardern seems to have control of an honest government, something we can only dream about here! I wish she was our PM! Works for the good of her country and people," another said.

"They need to change the paper's name. This no longer - did it ever - speaks for Australians. Disgraceful," a third wrote.

Others took aim at The Australian's controversial owner Rupert Murdoch.

"I honestly thought that this was a spoof, then I remembered 2020 and Rupert Murdoch," one said.

"Murdoch media is incompetent. Imagine having the brass neck to even think this headline never mind publish it," another wrote.

Rozner tweeted that his name was trending on Twitter in Australia, something he interpreted as people "clearly getting around my view".

"You're trending because people can't believe the twaddle that you come out with. You're fighting a losing battle. People are over oxygen thieves," one person replied.