Duncan Garner: National claimed it had experience, then couldn't organise a shop for Judith Collins to walk into

OPINION: Nearly 1 million people have already voted - way more than this time last election.

Record numbers have already gone to the polls. The dark clouds are gathering - it doesn't sound like good news.

Although nothing is sounding too good for the hapless Nats, who look unusually disorganised and lacking any kind of strategy.

National's campaign has floundered - it lacks experience and here's the rub; National claimed it's the better bet on the economy then made a $4 billion mistake.

The party claimed it had the experience, then couldn't organise a shop for Judith Collins to walk into.

National claimed to put the 't' in 'team' and then a junior backbench MP called out Collins for making policy on the hoof.

With less than a week to go, it's been nothing short of a moving disaster. Add in that Labour's advertising is slick and everywhere when it counts, leaving National to the billboards down the side streets and community newspapers. 

That's what you get when you change leaders and campaign bosses midstream.

Then, to cap it off, the man who would replace Collins, former Air NZ boss Christopher Luxon, doesn't end speculation he wants the job.

Brilliant - who needs enemies with friends like this.

This article originally stated National lost two seat when the early votes were counted. This was wrong and the article was amended on October 13. 

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