Duncan Garner: Time for Kiwis to sharpen up on policy ahead of election

OPINION: Okay, listen up, COVID schomid, park it there.

It's well past time to sharpen up and focus on the election just ten days away. It's our duty.

Do you know who you are voting for and do you know their basic policies?

Jacinda Ardern, Judith Collins, Winston Peters, James Shaw - they are still here. 

Okay, James Shaw, you are for now. Keep at it. Or does it not matter? It's about who has the better personality? Shaw and personality in the same sentence - that's a first.

But can voters name one policy the Greens stand for? More tax someone yelled at me when I posed the question at 4:53am on Wednesday morning. 

I personally thought fewer cows, fewer men, more apologies for being there, and less fun in all areas.

National, now I remember one big policy, not so much blue sky thinking but pie in the sky thinking, cross your fingers and hope like hell it happens.

It's $31 billion on infrastructure over ten years. Roads and four-lane highways from Whangarei through Auckland to Tauranga. Let's call it National's Kiwibuild moment. So big, so wishy-washy.

Labour - more state houses. Anything to paper over the aforementioned Kiwibuild fiasco. Free apprenticeships, light rail to the airport, the $3 billion Provincial Growth Fund becomes $200 million. I guess Labour isn't factoring in Winston.

And as for Winston. He still wants the Auckland Port moved north. That could take 20 years. He'll be banging on the door of 100.

National wants all treaty settlements done by 2029, although, in 2008 it wanted them done by 2014.

So, dig around, see what the parties are promising. Then pinch your nose and vote, and think about it again in three years, or is it four years? Who wants four years?

You get my point.

Good luck. It's Labour's to lose from here.

Duncan Garner hosts The AM Show.