How to follow all of Newshub's NZ Election 2020 coverage

  • 16/10/2020
How to follow all of Newshub's NZ Election 2020 coverage
Photo credit: Newshub.

The 2020 general election is the biggest story on New Zealand's political calendar in three years.

With so much still at stake, Newshub will bring you all the results as they happen - who won what electorate, who crept over the 5 percent threshold, and who will form the new government.

How you can keep up with all the action

You can watch Newshub's live coverage of the election from 7pm on Three.

Tune into Newshub Live at 6 for all the other news of the day, and then stay locked in to see Tova O'Brien, Duncan Garner and Patrick Gower guide you through election night.

They'll be flanked by a panel of an all-star cast of political experts and commentators who will provide analysis of all the results as they unfold.

The Newshub website will be streaming this live from 7pm, and the online team will be publishing live updates and wall-to-wall coverage of all the big angles.

If you're overseas or don't have access to a TV, you can follow along by watching this YouTube video or via our Facebook page.