Labour warned inexperience could cause problems for the next Government

Jacinda Ardern's victory speech on Saturday night.
Jacinda Ardern's victory speech on Saturday night. Photo credit: Getty

Labour is being warned inexperience could cause a host of problems for the next Government, as the average age of sitting MPs plummeted after Saturday's election.

But Jacinda Ardern says the party has a good mixture of experience and new talent to draw on.

Many of Labour's victors won an electorate seat for the first time and political commentator and former National candidate Lewis Holden says party leaders will have a tough road ahead keeping them under control.

"It will be a huge challenge because you've got a new batch of people with little experience in Parliamentary procedure - which means they've got to skill those people up," he told Newshub on Sunday.

Holden said Parliament's toxic culture could also cause problems for the new MPs, saying they won't get far without thick skins. 

"New MPs entering in don't necessarily get any guidance - so people coming in, especially if they've just won an electorate seat, are going to really struggle.

"There will be missteps in terms of comments made in the media [and] people not following through on promises they might have made."

Political commentator David Farrar, also a long-time National ally, said a change in members is getting people excited.

"Parliament has lost 40 MPs - maybe a bit more - so over a third of Parliament has gone. 

"A quarter of MPs will now be aged in their 20s or 30s."  

The shift to Labour marks a new era for New Zealand politics, Farrar said, pointing to the Beehive being closer to achieving gender parity than ever before. 

David Farrar.
David Farrar. Photo credit: The AM Show

"Parliament is almost 50-50 male and female for the first time - now it's 52-48 which is very close." 

Prime Minister-elect Ardern said on Sunday Labour wanted to use its experience and new talent.

"The talent and expertise is there," she told reporters. "It will be about sitting down and making sure we draw on experience but also the new talent that exists.

"I'm not going to award ministerial roles now but it is fair to say we have a very talented term of people coming into this Government."

Labour scooped up 64 seats in Saturday's election - enough to govern alone. The win will bring with it a flood of new MPs.

The ACT party also won big, bringing in nine new members after securing 10 seats.

NZ First failed to meet the threshold to return to Parliament and the Greens will also return with 10 MPs.