Majority of Kiwis voted 'yes' in euthanasia referendum- new poll

Kiwis voted in the referendum on October 17.
Kiwis voted in the referendum on October 17. Photo credit: Getty

A new post-election poll has revealed the majority of New Zealanders voted 'yes' in the euthanasia referendum

Kiwis voted on the End of Life Choice Act during the 2020 NZ election on October 17, along with a referendum on the legalisation of cannabis.

The preliminary results of both will be released by the Electoral Commission at 2pm on Friday.

A new Curia Market Research poll commissioned by the ACT Party after the election could indicate than euthanasia is set to become legal.

The poll was conducted between Sunday and Tuesday night and was weighted to gender, age and area from the 2017 election and also to party vote for the 2020 election.

Those taking part were asked: 'In the referendum on support for the End of Life Choice Act, did you vote yes or no?'

  • 61 percent of respondents said they voted 'yes' 
  • 29 percent said they voted 'no'
  • 10 percent were 'unsure/refused to answer'

A Newshub Reid Research Poll released on the eve of the election had indicated Kiwi's intention to vote 'yes' in the referendum.

Of those asked: 'Do you support the End of Life Choice Act 2019 coming into force?', 56.1 percent said 'yes'.

The architect of the End of Life Choice bill, ACT leader David Seymour said Thursday's poll results are "encouraging".

"It appears the New Zealand people have ratified Parliament's decision and thousands of New Zealanders in years to come, instead of excruciating deaths, will have control, dignity and choice over their own bodies," he said.

"I call on opponents of the legislation to cease from negative campaigning and respect the international evidence that these laws are safe.

"If they don't like the law, the civilised response should be to not choose it for themselves, rather than criticise those who do."