New Conservatives' Instagram page hacked, posts in support of rainbow community

The New Conservative Party's Instagram page was reportedly hacked into on Friday night, posting an announcement they were planning to amend their policies to be in support of the rainbow community.

Social media users have been sharing screenshots of the post, which has since been deleted.

"We have been listening to the demands of our constituents and have come to understand that our prior policies regarding the Rainbow community are not in-line with the realities of our nation," the fake post said.

"Over the next weeks and months, we will be amending policy, listening to community voices in order to build a fairer and more equal Aotearoa for our LGBTQIA+ whanau.

"Thank you for your patience and support in helping to shape New Conservative into a party for all New Zealanders."

The post was shared alongside an image of the party's logo in rainbow colours.

The comments contradicted the New Conservative's gender ideology policy, which "recognises there are two biological genders".

The party is also promising to withdraw funding for gender reassignment and remove teaching of gender ideology from all education programmes.

The New Conservatives also have a policy stating marriage is supposed to be "between one biological man and one biological woman, with all other legal arrangements categorised as civil unions".

New Conservative leader Leighton Baker told Newshub he is aware of the hack.

"We have dealt with it and are pursuing other security options," he said.

"We support free speech for all New Zealanders but not vandalism and cyber attacks.

"Although the gay community talk love acceptance and kindness, some of them do not apply that to those that disagree with them."

Journalist Ethan Griffiths said he had spoken to the hacker, who claimed he had had access to the Instagram account for months.

"He says he received the password after making a fake Instagram account pretending to be deputy leader Elliot Ikilei," Griffiths said.

"He amassed fake followers, DMed the official [New Conservatives] page and asked for the password. It was given to him."

On his real Facebook page, Ikilei called the hack a "sissy move" and told the hacker to "eat more iron". 

Baker told The AM Show last week while the party doesn't believe in same-sex marriage, they wouldn't repeal it should they lead the next Government.

"We're just putting a line in the sand and saying we believe this is the best thing for children. It's not a policy - it's what we say we believe, but we're not going to force it on people." 

The New Conservatives are polling at about 2 percent, well below the 5 percent threshold.