'No reason' why Greens can't work with Labour - James Shaw

The Green Party's co-leaders say from their point of view, there is "no reason" not to work with Labour.

Marama Davidson and James Shaw appeared on The AM Show on Monday following their return to Parliament during Saturday night's election. The Party won 10 seats in the House - the same number as ACT.

While Labour won enough seats to govern alone - a staggering 64 - Shaw and Davidson said they would be interested in forming a coalition Government.

"We've had a good relationship with Labour over the last three years and there's no reason why we can't build on that," said Shaw.

Davidson said Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has confirmed they will discuss it - but remained tight lipped on details.

"We've already confirmed with Jacinda that discussion will be had early this week, we head to Wellington in a few hours," she told The AM Show. 

Confronted with the fact that Labour doesn't need the Greens to govern, Shaw says it's not all about numbers.

"People think politics is more transactional than it is - it's highly relational… Parties like New Zealand First who played a transactional game, you see the results of that."

New Zealand First failed to hit the 5 percent threshold and will not return to Parliament this term. 

When questioned how they intended to get their transformative policies across the line, Davidson said that was what the discussions with Ardern would be for.

"We want to make sure everyone has a home, income, cleaner transport, cleaner energy."

"Whatever happens this term, no matter what, we want to get some gains for the environment and for climate change."

Labour has remained tight lipped on whether they are interested in a coalition with the Greens but Ardern hinted following her win that coalition Governments can be more complex than single-party.