NZ Election 2020: Christopher Luxon doesn't rule out National Party leadership bid

Jacinda Ardern has used the power of a political rally to attack National and remind supporters how she handles a crisis.

And unfortunately for National, its own pollster seems to be buying into her popularity - appearing to call the election for Labour and the Greens.

But Judith Collins may have a bigger fight on her hands.

Collins was out shaking signs on Sunday with Christopher Luxon - widely tipped as a future National Party leader.

And Luxon was doing nothing to dampen those rumours - in fact, stoking them by refusing to rule out a leadership bid. Does Collins need to watch her back for Luxon?

"No, Chris Luxon's got to win Botany. Chris Luxon's got to get to Wellington," he replied.

And when asked if he wants to be Prime Minister he said: "The first best step to get to Parliament. Just take it one step at a time."

He could be up against Ardern who on Sunday was presenting her vision for 2030, which includes herself.

"Obviously I wouldn't be running right now if I didn't want to be the leader and Prime Minister of New Zealand," she said.

At Labour's first real rally of the campaign, Ardern channelled the crises that augmented and cemented her popularity as Prime Minister.

"You truly get to know your Government and your leaders when disasters strike," she said.

And she eschewed kindness when it came to National.

"The alternative is an Opposition party that is focused on itself," Ardern said.

Her wingman went even further.

"They've lurched from leader to leader to leader," Grant Robertson said.

He added National's alternative budget had "more holes than a rabbit-run golf course" and its caucus is "helpfully open-sourcing their group chat".

This was a reference to leaks to Newshub including National MPs complaining that Collins hasn't shown them internal polling.

Three days ago she said the polls were looking good: "We're doing very well thank you."

But perhaps not according to her pollster.

Ardern was tipped for the Nobel Peace Prize but missed out to the UN's World Food Programme, prompting this remarkable tweet from David Farrar - the guy who does National's internal polling.

"It’s the World Food Programme! Guess this means Labour/Green Government rather than sole Labour!" he tweeted.

Farrar was calling the election for the left - Newshub showed Collins the tweet.

"It doesn't really say that. It says the World Food Programme actually won the Nobel Peace Prize," Collins laughed. "I think that's a joke. I think that's joke."

Election Day is fast closing in and this is the high stakes round - all chips are on the table and parties are pulling out all the stops to get every last vote.

That goes for a blatant attempt to get rugby fans on board - Labour debuted its final election ad at half-time prime time.