NZ Election 2020: Jacinda Ardern could form Government with Greens even with majority

Jacinda Ardern could throw the Greens a bone and bring them into Government even if voters deliver a clear majority for Labour in just five days time.

The Greens are certainly holding out hope for that.

Labour's polling so well it could potentially end up with a historic win - a straight majority under MMP - but Ardern's not ruling out working with the Greens even if Labour doesn't need them.

That presents an opportunity for the Greens to sell itself to voters who don't like the idea of Labour governing alone.

"People don't want to see just one party with all the reigns of power," Davidson says.

When asked if she would form an agreement with the Greens, even if she doesn't need them, Ardern didn't rule it out.

"What I've consistently said is you've seen significant issues we've worked to form a consensus on, so that's how you create lasting change," Ardern told media.

Ardern insists that being a consensus politician doesn't mean she's a centrist politician.

"I am a progressive. I do seek change for the better but I will try and bring people with me," she says.

If the Greens do get to negotiate a deal they're not giving up on a wealth tax, despite Labour ruling it out. Increasing benefits is also a top priority.

"The stronger the party vote we can get, the more chance we've got to get our election priorities over the line," Davidson says.

National leader Judith Collins is already implying Labour would give the Greens too many treats.

"Should I be in that position I will not be walking along to a negotiating table carrying a box of chocolate biscuits to try make peace," she says. 

And while Arden's not ruling it out she’s still keen for as many Labour votes as possible.

"I will give everything I've got for that strong mandate for a strong recovery."