NZ Election 2020: Jacinda Ardern gets hero's welcome from students, but disappointment over broken fees-free promise

Jacinda Ardern got a hero's welcome at Victoria University, but one of Labour's key promises to the youth - three years' free study - has been scrapped and some students feel let down. 

"We have fulfilled our expectation of making that first year of tertiary education free," Ardern said on Tuesday, as she campaigned at Victoria University in Wellington. 

Yes, they did - but she's dropped the rest of Labour's 2017 promise to roll out two years' free study next year, and three years in 2024. 

Ardern confirmed it's no longer on Labour's agenda. 

"Those additional two years were things that we said we wanted to do if we were re-elected. We have, of course, seen the situation in New Zealand is in [and] we've chosen instead to make apprenticeships free," she said. 

The first years among students Newshub spoke to were banking on it.

"I was hoping for the second and third year," one student said. 

Another said: "Politicians promise you something then go back against it. It's a little disappointing. I kind of have that nagging in the back of my mind that I have this student debt to pay off."

But another said she was just happy to have the first year paid for. 

"I'm not too disappointed because I still got the first year, anyway."

Ardern is encouraging students to stick with their studies - even though she didn't. 

"I was a post-grad student here. I dropped out, just so you know," she said, as students laughed and cheered. 

"Don't follow in my steps in that regard. Finish your post-graduate studies - it's important."

But Ardern hasn't made it any easier - the promise to reinstate post-grad student allowances is broken as well. 

"Almost everything she said she would deliver, she has failed to deliver," said National leader Judith Collins. "So, why would I suddenly now suddenly start believing anything she says on her promises?"

But even with all those promises broken, many student voters still worship Ardern.