NZ Election 2020: Jacinda Ardern, Judith Collins make last pitch for votes in jam packed final day of campaign

Jacinda Ardern and Judith Collins both had jam-packed final days on the campaign trail - their last opportunity to either lock in those numbers or try and turn this election around. 

One last selfie and one last sign waved - all for every last vote. Ardern and Collins spent their final day of the campaign in the country's biggest city ahead of the election on Saturday. 

"I know that I have put every single thing I could into this, and you would've seen there is no stone unturned, no hand unshaken, there is no opportunity missed to say party vote National," Collins said on Friday. 

The National leader campaigned at a bar in Brown's Bay for the blue team as Ardern spent the day retail bound, rounding up votes for the red. 

On her final day of campaigning, it felt like half of Manurewa turned up to see Ardern. Her partner Clarke Gayford turned up for the final spin - and no guessing who he's backing. 

"Cheeky," Ardern said as Gayford was asked if his partner is going to win. 

"Of course she is," Gayford replied. 

At points it all got so much that Ardern's security detail was swatting arms away, and among those scrambling to get a glimpse was a man from Iran who gifted Ardern a painting in memory of March 15. 

The Labour leader said it was beautiful and posed with the painter for a photo. 

Despite being up against all that, Collins is putting on a brave face. 

"It's been a lot of fun and exciting," she said. 

Ardern was asked if she's going to miss the campaign. 

"There are parts of the campaign that are tough, but there are parts that I love," she said. 

Collins said she would have liked a bit more time. 

"We've had basically three months of it so I think that's probably enough, although it would be even better if it was another month, because that would also have its benefits."

But there's not another month. There is just one more sleep. 

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