NZ Election 2020: John Tamihere has 'toughest billboards' after video shows person running head-first into his hoardings

Māori Party co-leader John Tamihere has joked he has the "toughest billboards in town" after he shared a video showing a person running head-first into one of his hoardings.

The video, posted on Tamihere's Facebook page, shows a man on a dimly-lit footpath running purposefully and at speed towards a row of election billboards one night earlier this week. He then collides with Tamihere's hoarding with a strong thud and drops to the ground. The sign appears to be undamaged.

"Appreciate the billboard intel," Tamihere wrote on Facebook, referencing the apparent sturdiness of his sign.

He also included the hashtags "toughest billboards in town" and "staying strong" in his post.

Commenters on the post appeared to enjoy the video.

"Now that's a great way to test drive your billboards to ensure they're going to survive a campaign! Also amusing for us to watch," one said.

"That sign has mana, the blessing of the manawhenua," another commented.

"Mighty Totara billboards," a third wrote.

It is unknown whether the man who ran into the billboard sustained any injuries.